6 Best Manual Pole Saws For Pruning Trees in 2022

Before we go further, it will be unfounded to going on and on about pole saws without explaining what it means.

Pole saws are alternative tools for horticulturists who want to prune branches too far from the ground. Although there are a couple of alternatives to pruning branches, you can either call for assistance or use a ladder.

The best alternative for most people is to reach out to a professional since all it’s takes is a phone call. However, if you don’t have the luxury of hiring a pro, or you are the “Do-It-Yourself” guy, reading through this article will provide you with the right information to make an informed decision on the Best Manual Pole Saws in the market. We also provided you with additional methods on how to prune branches out of your reach correctly.

Best Manual Pole Saw Reviews

Model Weight Blade Length Pole Length Customer Ratings
Notch 18’ Pole Saw Set with 15” Blade
8.4 lbs
15 inches
20 feet
4.7 out of 5 stars
Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever Extendable
5.8 lbs
15 inches
14 feet
4.5 out of 5 stars
Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series Landscaper Pole Saw Kit with 3 Poles
8 lbs
16 inches
18 feet
4.7 out of 5 stars
Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH
6 lbs
13 inches
14 feet
4.5 out of 5 stars
Milliard 6-16 Foot Extendable
5.64 lbs
14 inches
16 feet
4.5 out of 5 stars
Silky HAYAUCHI 3-Ext. Polesaw 6.3m
7.3 lbs
15 inches
255 feet
5 out of 5 star

1. Notch 18’ Pole Saw – Affordability at its Best

This is a specialized tool used by professionals and DIY-ers across the US. They are armed with 15 inches razor-sharp blades with a pulley cutting system and strong teeth that reinforce the sharpness the more it is used.

Away from the above mind-blowing features written in the previous paragraph, the box comes with 6 feet fiberglass poles connected with an interlocking system. It is super lightweight, and when it is connected completely, it could weigh less than 10 pounds with all its parts. However, the length goes beyond 20 feet.

The bottom of the blade is fitted with a universal hole pattern compatible with most saw heads and handles; the device comes with a hook on the head of the saw to reduce the amount of effort dissipated when trimming branches.

Furthermore, it is coated with anti-rust chrome plating for extra durability; this makes it compatible irrespective of the condition or climate it’s used in and reduces the need for excessive maintenance.

However, at the close of our review, some poles are lighter than the Notch 18′ Pole Saw. To this end, it is not recommended for older, less nimble, and agile users. But the fact is, the value is worth the price.


  • Relatively affordable
  • It comes with an interlocking system
  • Universal Hook on the saw head
  • It comes with a carbon steel blade and a tri-edge chopper
  • Anti-rust


  • It’s not best in terms of weight

Bottom line

This tool is rated as one of the most durable and lightweight devices that is pretty affordable. Therefore, it’s recommendable for professionals and amateurs. However, they are not recommended for elderly users as they are not the most lightweight in terms of options.

2. Fiskars 14 Foot Power-Lever ExtendableBest Lever Technology

The Fiskars Pole is yet another recommendable device that is worth reviewing. This is a manual and relatively simple device with optimized leverage to help users reach the farthest branches. With all of these remarkable features, it’s still covered with a lifetime warranty.

This is the ultimate device armed with a powerful lever technology that gives it the ability to prune branches with twice less effort as you would expend using traditional manual cutters. This device can be used to cut all kinds of branches down to 1-inch size. The only thing you have to do is to pull the rope to aid the pruning. However, you can adjust the prune by removing the blades altogether.

The Fiskars are armed with a fully hardened blade for precision and sharpness in clipping branches. Furthermore, the device glides through all these duties without getting sticky from saps and debris because it has a specialized minimal-friction coating that facilitates clean cuts.

This lightweight tool is both durable and flexible at the same time. In addition, it provides a reach up to 14 feet when extended. In all these, the quick release thumb lock ensures that the pole is in a stable position, making it a significant improvement from other traditional devices.

One of the major drawbacks is that the rope gets tangled in the pulley, especially when extended. As a result, it is pretty complicated and can be time-consuming when you want to untangle the rope. However, the use of clearance like paper or rubber will remedy this challenge.


  • Anti-abrasive coating
  • Secure
  • Requires less energy
  • No installation required


  • The rope may tangle within the pulley

Bottom Line

This is a durable device that is ideal for cutting those hard-to-reach branches with little effort. In addition, they come with an anti-abrasive coating which makes them one of the best tools in the market.

3. Jameson LS-6PKG-6 LS-Series – Best Versatile and Functional Blade

The Jameson landscaper pole saw comes with a sharp blade, a stunning green long reach pole attachment that allows maneuvering through leaves and cutting branches easily.

Similar to most of the products we reviewed, this is also a no-brainer for fellows who want to get the best fit for their garden. You won’t be disappointed with the versatility and functionality you stand to benefit from this device.

Armed with a 16 inches long tri-cut saw blade, it is optimized for clean and quick cuts with a compact head that helps you navigate through the dense leaves to target the branch you want to clip off.

When it’s fully extended, the device reaches 18 feet. However, you don’t need to lift all the weight simultaneously; you can adjust the attachments to get to a preferred height.

The saw blade is attached directly to the head of the pole; all you have to do is connect the required extension. Considering the rich and easy-to-use features, we recommend this tool as one of the most suitable for the elderly due to how easy it is to fix the attachments and the weight of the design. Also, it comes with directions and precautions on how to use other attachments.


  • Has three attachment poles
  • It does not require installation
  • Lightweight
  • Durable 


  • It does not come with a grip handle
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

This is sharp and versatile. Armed with three attachable poles, you can connect and get to those hard-to-reach branches in comfort. They cut cleanly, precisely and make life easy.

4. Corona TP 6870 MAX RazorTOOTH – Dual Compound Action

The corona TP 6870 max razor tooth tree pruner is ideal for pruning heavy branches. They are armed with a heavy-duty chain drive that helps you prune trees and are three times more powerful than traditional pruning saws. Additionally,  you don’t have to use the pruners on large branches only; they can be used on branches that are as little as one-quarter inches.

When the pole is fully extended, it reaches 14 feet; it also comes with a twist lock to keep a stick in place and give you the opportunity to those hard-to-reach branches.

Made with a robust zinc alloy and a durable non-stick blade, we consider this sturdy and perfect for any job. You will use this tool without breaking a sweat—the material weighs just above 3 pounds.

Furthermore, the device is easy to maintain since the blade is detachable. You don’t have to stress about the edge becoming blunt since you can easily be detached and sharpen it yourself or done with the assistance of a professional.


  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and rust-resistant
  • Three times the cutting power compared to other pruners.


  • The plastic lock used to hold the extension gets loose
  • Expensive

Bottom Line

This is a versatile and durable pole saw. It is optimized with three times more power than conventional pruners. This feature makes it perfect for professional use.

5. Milliard 6-16 Foot Extendable – Tree Pruner/Pole Saw

Milliard extendable pole saw is one of the best products in the market. With this device, you can use different methods to get to those hard-to-reach branches growing out of place.

Made of 1.2milimeters thick high-carbon SK5 steel, sharpened in three sides, they facilitate easy cutting through the thickest branches. It is further manufactured with non-stick carbon to facilitate clipping branches with seamless effort.

Furthermore, like the previous models, the device has a double tackle, compound pulley system, which multiplies effort 4X to cut through heavy branches. All of these edge-breaking features are combined with a reach of 16 feet to help access tall branches.

This milliard extendable tree pruner is a suiting device as the manufacturers comfortably add a foam padded handle to optimize grip for comfort and suit specific requirements.

However, in all of these, the pruner does not come with a locking system, so the pole retracts and expands uncontrollably. And sometimes, because of how deep the blade digs into branches, more force might be needed to cut through.


  • Powerful pole
  • Easy to hold with a foam padded handle
  • The rope has an adjustable grip handle
  • Customer service is efficient


  • Absence of locking system

Bottom Line

This is one of the most durable poles reviewed on our list. They are easy to hold and easy to use. They are steady, stylish, and can seamlessly cut through branches.

6. Silky HAYAUCHI 3-Ext – Best Length Manual Pol

The HAYAUCHI is one of the best poles saw in the modern market. The design here is irrespective of your class of experience;  whether you’re a professional or amateur, they are the ideal pole saws for heavy-duty and smaller jobs. From pruning tree branches to trimming gardens, you will find this helpful in your endeavor.

This pole saw has the longest reach on our list. It can get to those high branches you feel are just out of order or place at a maximum reach.

This saw comes with many features, including an oval aluminum alloy pole, which gives the users better control in terms of directions. As an additional bonus, the pole comes with additional strength and rigidity that ensures the shape is maintained.

It comes with a shock absorber at the pole’s end and a rubber grip to ensure quality hold and control. Unlike other conventional pole saws, the HAYAUCHI is fitted with an additional sickle. One at the top, and one at the bottom. The best part is, you can tilt this sickle towards different angles.  

You can use the upper sickle to cut vines and prevent the blades from coming off and the bottom sickle to create a clean undercut of the bark with no damage to the tree.

The HAYAUCHI is structurally rigid with two lock mechanisms comprising the locking pins and friction clamps. With these locking systems, none of the efforts you apply will be wasted.


  • Plated with chrome
  • It comes with two locking systems
  • It makes a good clean cut
  • Sharp blade


  • The pole is not steady when fully stretched
  • Relatively Expensive

Bottom Line

This is a rigid pole saw where the manufacturers had users’ experience in mind. As a result, you will be expounding very little effort with this device; best of all, it comes with the longest reach of all the devices we have compiled for you.

What to look for when buying a Manual Pole Saw?

We believe we’ve satisfied your inquest of the best manual pole saws in the market; it’s times we take a deep dive on how to make the best buying decision before leaping.

Once you have access to the right information, it is easy to go out there and make the best buy. As you read through this section, we expanded on some of the most important factors to consider when making a purchase.

Length of the Blade and the Material

This, of course, should be the first factor to consider before venturing into the market. The question is,  Why? First, you don’t want a saw that gets blunt or rust easily.

Most manual pole saws are made from high carbon SK5 steel, which has a major anti-rush coating. However, if you don’t have access to SK5 steel, we recommend going for those with durable anti-rust properties.

Pole saw blades are specialized, so they are also often made with specific coatings aimed to repel plant material and ensure that the teeth are kept sharp over a protracted time. We also recommend those blades that are hook-liked to help you pull trimmed branches down.

Pole Material and Length

The length of the pole and the material they are made from are factors to consider when getting a pole saw. Most brands are fabricated from fiberglass, a strong and lightweight material durable enough to withstand abuse. It is important to know how long the device can cover when it is fully stretched.

To ensure stability, check to see if the tool you’re going for has a safety lock on the device. A height ranging between 10-12 inches is perfect for most home needs; however, if you want a longer device, make sure that it is not too heavy since that can affect your performance.


The grip is super essential in pruning; without proper grip, your entire control on the device will be affected.


One of the most effective pruning systems is the rope and pulley system; it gives you more control without blunting the blade.

Why Should you choose a Manual Pole Saw?

Below are some telltale reasons why we recommend manual Pole saw over most contemporary pole saw:

How to use a Manual Pole Saw? (In 5 Steps)

Step 1: Reduce the weight of the branch by starting with some jump cuts

Step 2: Stay in a balanced position and hold the saw firmly at chest level.

Step 3: Make the right strokes. You should start slow and upright, then make a deep cut. To cut, push and pull the pole backward and forward, then apply some force to cut.

Step 4: Do the job at intervals by watching the branches fall and moving away from dangerous areas.

Final Step: Clean the area once you are done cutting

Safety Measures to Consider while using a Manual Pole Saw

Editor’s Choice

At the close of our review and comparison, our preferred choice is the silky HAYAUCHI. The pole comes with remarkable features that will serve best whether it is used professionally or at home. In addition, it comes with three extension poles and will give off a clean job anytime. 

Of all the versatile features it comes with, the unique length (25ft) gives it a stand-out feature from others. The device is suitable for trimming, pruning arborists, and forestry work. The best part is, it requires only periodic maintenance to increase its lifespan.


With this information, you are better aware of the word of manual pole saws, and at the end of the day, you will be able to make a great buy when you get into the market.

At this point, we believe we’ve been able to clarify some basic ideas you should look for on a manual saw. Your choice should be centered on what you intend to use the device to solve. We recommend all the products reviewed above. Happy buying

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