Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment To Stop Dog Urine Killing the Grass

The desire to have a beautiful and flawless lawn is a common feeling for most people owning a lawn. But it’s definitely easier said than done in this case. Speaking from personal experience, a perfect lawn needs almost a million different issues to be tackled. One of the most serious issues among them is dog urine. Dog urine contains chemical substances that can easily ruin your grass. If you’ve got a pet going about here and there, urine is something that cannot be avoided. In case you’ve got a lawn that could be ruined with dog urine, Dogonit lawn repair treatment is the perfect solution. 

Nitrogen is among the most prominent substances present in dog pee. When your dog urinates on the lawn, more and more amounts of this nitrogen are released into the area. Excess amount of nitrogen results in lawn burn. This is the condition where your lawn grass in the particular area turns yellow or brown. 

Male vs. Female Dog – The Ruinating Pattern of Dogs 

Both male and female dogs have a distinguished urinating pattern which has an effect on the damage to your lawn. Female dogs tend to urinate anywhere and they do so quite often in comparison to male dogs. This makes the concentration of urine in female dogs higher. 

When it comes to male dogs, they tend to mark their territories as they grow older. They can control their burst of urine but as they choose a particular area to urinate, it becomes an issue for cleaning. Apart from the gender distinction, the age of the dog also matters. Bigger dogs tend to have higher concentrated urine in comparison to smaller ones.

How To Fix Dog Urine Spots with Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment?

Dogonit lawn repair treatment contains enzymes and acids and is used for the prevention of lawn burns caused due to dog urine. The enzymes and acids present in Dogonit lawn repair treatment flush nitrogen from the roots and helps stimulate the growth of the roots. The compact soil that opens spaces for air, water, and other plant nutrients is opened which causes root growth. 

It doesn’t take much effort to carry out Dogonit lawn repair treatment, just spray it all over the area where your dog has urinated. When done spraying, flush it with some water. If Dogonit lawn repair treatment is sprayed on the urinated area on time, it helps in the prevention of grass burn due to excess amount of nitrogen. 

Apart from all of this, you should keep in mind that Dogonit lawn repair treatment prevents the occurrence of grass burn but doesn’t cure it. If the grass in your lawn has already turned brown or yellow in color and has burned out, you need to plant new grass. Dogonit lawn repair treatment is only used for the prevention of grass burn. 

How Should You use Dogonit Lawn Repair Treatment?

The use of Dogonit lawn repair treatment might seem to be a simple thing where all you do is just spray the area with Dogonit lawn repair treatment and flush it with water. In reality, it is not that simple. It is very important to note that the person spraying Dogonit lawn repair treatment should have knowledge about dog diets, susceptible grasses, etc for effective results. The sprayer should also learn about the best way to dilute dog pee with the help of water. 

Dogonit lawn repair treatment is not very effective if used directly and it is better if you water the area before spraying Dogonit. Another thing you should know is that water alone doesn’t have the capacity to prevent grass burn. So, the use of Dogonit after watering the area is necessary. 

Control Your Dog’s Diet

From our discussion so far, we’ve got to know that the main culprit here is the nitrogen concentration and it is quite easy to reduce nitrogen concentration if you avoid giving certain kinds of food. High protein content in food plays a significant role in increasing nitrogen concentration in urine. 

You need to make sure that the dog food has more water content in it. Usually, dry dog food tends to have lesser water content and higher amounts of protein whereas canned dog food has higher water content. So, adding a bit higher amount of water to the dog food should help reduce the nitrogen concentration in the dog’s pee.

Other Effective Solutions For Preventing Grass Burn

  1. One of the most important yet effective things you should do is train your dog to urinate in a particular area. This way, the complete lawn is not ruined with dog urine. You won’t have much trouble if you have a male dog as they mark their territories but female ones need some work in this case. 
  2. When you manage to get your dog to urinate in a fixed area, get started with planting a ground cover that is urine resistant in that area. Clover, rye, or fescue are some of the best types of grass you can use in these areas as they are stronger and tougher than other kinds. 
  3. Increasing the water intake of your dog also helps in reducing the nitrogen concentration of its urine. 
  4. As soon as you spot your dog urinating, rinse off the area with your garden hose. Doing this will prevent the nitrogen from reaching the roots of the grass.
  5. Remember to use fertilizers with low nitrogen because your dog is already putting in a significant amount of nitrogen. 
  6. Be aware of products and supplements that are said to help with grass burns caused by dog urine. A lot of them might be dangerous to your pet as they might alter the pH level of the urine significantly. Also, do not add anything new to the dog’s diet without consulting the veterinarian about it.


When dog urine reaches the roots of grass, you will see the effect of it externally within no time. The grass will turn yellow and burn out within no time. In such cases, Dogonit is an effective way to prevent the situation.

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